Imagine for a moment that instead of all dying, Ciel killed Kelvin and took the first string kids on as Phantomhive staff


Dagger’s in heaven because NEEEEEE-SAMAAAA is in a maid outfit

Doll helps Bard in the kitchen and they probably share some decently crude humor

Jumbo, Peter, and Wendy help with the groundskeeping and tough housework (cleaning the outdoor windows, trimming the tall trees, etc)

Joker works directly under Tanaka and learns the true aesthetics of a butler and not all the horrible shit that Kelvin put upon him

And Snake does what Snake already does

Dagger is given responsibility of cleaning and caring for the horses and likes to talk to them about all the stuff happening (and he complains about how Sebastian is too charming and he better not steal big sister away if he knows what’s good for him!! smooth-talkin asshole butler)

Beast and Maylene working together to set the table and Beast learning VERY fast to be more polite and to say things like “Oh, don’t you trouble yourself, I’LL go get the china, Maylene” if she wants to stay sane in this house

Lizzie putting a bonnet on Jumbo to hide his bald head and Peter laughing his ass off until Lizzie decides to put one on him too and he tries to Spiderman away

(he doesn’t get very far because Sebastian cuts the wire)

Wendy and Lizzie tag-teaming the household with cute clothes

Finny being absolutely enchanted by the circus kids and listening to their travel stories

Peter telling Finny and Maylene a scary story and loving watching them be scared until Joker comes up behind him and starts telling a story that nearly makes the other three shit themselves

They get a gorgeous tree at Christmas and Finny desperately wants to put the star on top because Sebastian does it every year, but Jumbo lifts Finny up so he can put it on

All of them getting strict servant training from Sebastian and having raw knuckles from the lessons

Ciel hiring a doctor to give the servants routine check up and tune ups for their prosthetics

Peter and Wendy fucking with Ciel while he’s working by knocking on his window and zipping away

Peter and Wendy being forced to apologize to Young Master by Joker and Tanaka


"I’ve been waiting for you."

Damn demon thought he could get away with leaving Ciel on his own for all this time. Someone was getting a few cats taken out of his personal wardrobe stash for that.

Okay so I’m basically all but done with my Nezumi cosplay for Otakon 2014, but I’m hitting a wall on where to buy a jacket at. I’ve been looking around thrift stores and just stores in general trying to find anything, and so far I’ve found nothing. Does anyone have any website recommendations where I might be able to find either a jacket specifically designed like his or just a site that might have something very very similar? I can overlook the color as long as it’s say black or dark gray if the design is pretty much spot on. I have people I can possibly commission for the jacket but I figured I’d try this avenue first just to try and find my cheapest option, because I don’t want to be dropping too much money on this cosplay piece if I don’t have to.


He was quiet a moment. With but a quizzical jerk of his eyebrow, he uncoiled himself from his seat and moved to perch upon the edge of Ciel’s desk. “I could almost swear you used to chastise me for being vulgar.”


“Perhaps my company is starting to make an impression on you, Ciel.”

The second Alois perched himself on top of Ciel’s desk as if it were a lounge chair (or how Ciel perceived that anyway), the bluenette’s eyes immediately furrowed and he pushed up from his own chair and glared at the blonde. Step one to getting on the Phantomhive’s nerves.

"Get off."

and you have good ol’ Nosta to bug you to log in too uwu

WAIT WHEN DID YOU MAKE BEAST?? And Sharon says good all the less time for Lottie to bug her coughwheezewhat.

Sometimes I still can’t believe how old this account is and how strange it is coming full circle again with some of the people I started this muse with. Even if I’ve had huge periods of inactivity with Ciel for various reasons, I’ve still stuck with him for two years now. Just a wow factor as I logged in to do Eric’s reply, getting my original Alois back was a hella nice surprise, I got my old Lizzie back too, now all I need is my main Sebastian and life would be good ahaha.

"If you want the best things in life you have to earn them for yourself."
Jayne Mansfield (via jaynemansfielddaily)


“I didn’t know,” he countered, his face twisting in to a spiteful and sarcastic half-smile, “that you were such an obvious expert in what defines my self-worth. I suppose it’s a bit of a shame that I don’t actually care about any of those boring old sods.”


Oh, but it’s very sweet that you think you have even a fraction of control over London and it’s underground, let alone over me.” 

Hah, if it was possible for them to have almost identical expressions now, they certainly did. The only different was Ciel’s lips were turned into a smirk rather than a smile.

"Considering how much you pretend to kiss the arse of everyone you invite over to entertain, it certainly looks as if you do. And I think it’s amusing that you think you have a fraction of control over me and will have possession one day. Idiotic twit.

Don't hesitate! Hurry up and finish him!
Don't hesitate! Hurry up and finish him!



"That was sarcasm, you insufferable twit. The day you and I willingly share friends will be a rather cold day down in Hell."


“Well… I suppose we do mix in the same social circle sometimes. But I wouldn’t call any of them your friends.” 


“I mean— you don’t really have any friends, do you? From what I’ve seen, the people you speak to most often don’t speak too fondly of you behind your back.” 

"At least I don’t put too much stock in how many I have just to make me feel as if I’m worth something. That’s your job."

"As long as I can control them, that’s all I care about. You’re no exception.

I always love how whenever I actually become active with roleplaying on this account again is when my follower number starts dropping hardcore. The irony of it amuses me considering how long Ciel was on hiatus for.


Ciel Phantomhive
((The original art can be found here - 黒執事腐向け落書き詰め合わせ その22 by じん子 - Please go show the artist some love! - Do not remove the artist-source information!))


Ciel Phantomhive

((The original art can be found here - 黒執事腐向け落書き詰め合わせ その22 by じん子 - Please go show the artist some love! - Do not remove the artist-source information!))